Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of our most popular products here at Reading Pillows Plus are our reading pillows.  A reading pillow is a pillow with arms and a backrest.  Many customers tell us they always called these types of pillows a husband pillow.  Traditionally, husband pillows earned their name because they provide reliable comfort and support.  Furthermore the arms seem to hug you from behind, the same way a husband would if you leaned back into him.

More recently, many people have even started calling them a “boyfriend pillow” for the same reason they were called “husband pillows”.  However, we (and many other retailers) choose to call them “reading pillows” instead.  Generally, people use these as a comfortable and supportive pillow for reading in bed or for watching television in bed.  Moreover, everyone from adult men and women as well as kids and small children like to use these comfortable pillows.  For that reason we don’t like to attach gendered words like “husband” or “boyfriend”.  However, if you prefer to call them by their original name then by all means continue to do so. 

A reading pillow can be used for many activities besides reading.  Our customers report that their kids love to use them for playing video games, and many use them as couch pillows too.  So maybe reading pillow isn’t even the best name for them, depending on how they are used.  Still, many customers tell us that they love the convenience of our reading pillows over many traditional backrests like a bed wedge or a bolster.  Unlike a bed wedge pillow or a cumbersome bed width sized bolster, reading pillows can be easily moved when not in use.  Thus making them a convenient option for most people because it doesn’t take any effort to rearrange the bed when you aren’t using them.

Moreover, we offer our pillows in a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns so it is very easy to find the perfect one for you.  You can buy one in a color that matches your personality or your home décor.  Unlike bed wedges, reading pillows are mobile and can be carried from room to room or wherever they are needed.  Some people even bring them in the car on long trips due to their outdoor friendly fabric.  In this way, you can always have a luxuriously comfortable place to read or relax.

No matter how you use it, or what you call it, a reading pillow (or a husband pillow) is a great option for reading or relaxing in bed.  Use it in any room of your house or even take it outside.  Know that it will provide comfort and support while still being a decorative pillow that you enjoy looking at even when not in use.  Let us know in the comments what you like to call them and what activities you use them for the most.

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