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Bolster Pillow-Yellow Leaf

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Our Bolster Pillows can bring life and warmth to any living space in your home. As an accent piece it provides color, style, and luxury all while serving as a bolster pillow that is both comfortable and supportive. The round bolster pillow is filled with a super plush polyester fiber fill that won’t break down over time. The fabric is durable poly/cotton twill.

This particular leaf pattern is a modern interpretation of a naturally occurring shape.  The lines are blurred creating a non standard leaf silhouette against the white contrasting background.  This yellow bolster pillow is optimistic, creative, and cheerful.  Yellow is a very strong color, and can create very striking results especially as an accent piece.  Suggested design themes are: artistic, nature, Spring and Summer seasonal.  Combine a round bolster pillow with a reading pillow, throw pillows, or floor pillows and complete your home design space.

This particular pillow’s fabric exterior is especially durable to the elements and you can use these as bolster pillows for indoors or as an outdoor bolster pillow for your deck, patio, or lawn furniture.

To clean, simply spot clean the affected area with warm water and mild soap. Allow to air dry.

Our hypoallergenic pillows will not aggravate your sinus or allergies and are highly recommended for any household with allergy sensitivities.  We only use the highest quality super plush polyester fiber fill to ensure a luxurious and comfortable pillow that is free from animal products.

Product Dimensions: 18.5” Wide x 7” Long x 8” High. Due to shifting of fill during transit and use, dimensions may vary slightly.

Made and assembled in the U.S.A. Quality Guaranteed.

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